Cinematographer, entrepreneur, technologist. Mark Giles’ love of computers stems back as far as he can remember, building them in Middle School. Four years in the Navy as an Electronics Technician operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex nuclear reactor systems sharpened his attention to detail and passion for problem solving. Upon re-entry to civilian life, he attended Central Washington University to pursue another passion – video. He graduated top of his class with Cum Laude honors from the Film & Video Studies production track, receiving the program’s Creative Talent award.

Mark made the move to Seattle, where he joined the marketing team of a boutique product development firm responsible for groundbreaking engineering. There, he further developed a keen awareness of tech trends, connecting dots to peer into the future and stay ahead of the competition. This culminated in a 2013 SXSW presentation titled “The Future of Biometrics” – which he wrote and shot – consisting of five video vignettes accompanying a bold presentation painting a picture of our distant reality. Next, he joined Orange LV, an emerging studio concerned with creating bespoke experiences through media and technology. As Director of Photography, he shot for various clients, including Microsoft, Adidas, and the Seahawks. These projects integrated multiple complicated problems which Mark was delighted to solve – including high speed capture, multi-cam video panoramas, cable cam and motion control, gimbal operation, and stage power design and rigging.

Now he lives in Los Angeles and works for himself. He continues to DP, Phantom Tech, DigiTech, and hone the skills of his newfound passion: color grading. Currently consumed by tinkering with advanced VR 360 capture and workflow solutions, he is working with various production houses, DPs, and EPs to push the limits of available technology. In fact, he is writing this bio on the set of a VR motion control time-lapse shoot on a new, custom rig from Radiant Images known as “Dark Corner.” In the ultra-advanced high-tech world video has evolved into, Mark is passionate about using this vast, highly specialized knowledge to help his clients navigate and deliver results, regardless of the hurdles.